Children’s Rights

Rights are important to Malala a Pakistani girl who got shot for standing up for her rights. Standing up for children’s rights are so important to us because their health matters. Rights are important to Everyone light children’s rights are to learn for a good future and be protected and safe.
Rights are in important to everyone like children’s right to learn for a good future. For example, the importance of child’s right to lean is crucial to children because if we did not have school we will not make any progress like Malala’s mom she did not now how to read or spell. So Malala wants to help girls in her country for their Education.
Children’s protection and safety is so important because children need to be healthy to go to school and safety is important too.Some parents do not care about children’s safety and protection. But, Malala’s parents care because when she got shot. Because, she was standing up for girls right her parents prayed for they believed in her and they trust her and she came back stronger and she wanted to make the world a better place.
In conclusion, children’s rights to learn and their health is important to parents because we are the Next Generation. This is why children should have rights.

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